If it sounds too good…

There are a number of Brokers in today’s market who offer a solution for the “hands on” seller…those who need MLS exposure and internet syndication to help drive traffic to their property. Most, if not all of these Brokers, simply spend a few minutes posting “your” photos, and using “your information,” and perform a bit of data entry…that’s it. All showings, open houses, ancillary marketing, contract negotiations, and proper disclosure/documentation, is left up to the seller.
The concept is solid…IF you’re a former licensed agent or have experience in the navigation of complex real estate transactions.
Trust me when I tell you, the transactions that I have been involved in, where I was “up against” one of these agents or their sellers…the seller left way more money on the table than had they simply paid the commission.
Case and point…a recent transaction I closed had a listing Broker from 160 miles away, who knew nothing of this market. I sent over the offer, and he simply had it signed by the seller…no counter, no question, done. That Broker provided no guidance to the seller throughout the transaction…in fact, the seller frequently called me for advice, which I obviously couldn’t offer. There were a number of other items that were overlooked by the listing Broker, which resulted in losses for the seller. It wasn’t that I took advantage of the situation, but rather no one was representing the seller. Whatever I wanted, I got. Simple as that.
At the end of the day, the seller paid her broker 1.5%, and me 2.5%…so she “saved about 4000 in commissions. However, had I been representing the seller, I could have recovered far more than that…effectively offsetting the commission spent.
In a different transaction, the seller was in a similar contract with a listing broker. He held the open house, and I represented the buyer. I met directly with the seller to present my offer, and showed him that his price of 285000 was too high, and offered him 269000 for the property, which my buyer was more than willing to pay, and in my opinion, what the property was worth at the time. He passed on the offer, and several months later the market had declined, and he had been on the market for over 6 months, sending the wrong message to the prospective buyers. He eventually accepted an offer of 256000. How much money did he save?
IF you’re a hands on seller, and want to take some of the tasks on, I offer such a program. However, my program will not put you at risk, but will save you some serious money, depending on what you want to take on. If you’re saving me time, I’ll reward you with the savings…but I won’t “feed you to the wolves,” or compromise your position in any way. There are too many things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction…and as I’ve shown you, “saving” money doesn’t always mean you’re saving money.