Buyer rebates?

In today’s world, technology has forever changed the way people buy and sell property. Today, the general public has access to much of the same information as Brokers and agents have…so the need for a Broker has changed. I have adapted to this change, and realize that many buyers today are what I call “hands on” buyers…they surf the internet for listings, attend open houses, and do a great deal to position themselves for success.
Brokers and agents who work with buyers, present company included, spend most of their time sourcing property, setting up showings, and showing property. Those tasks easily represent 25%-50% of the time I would spend helping a buyer get into a property. I feel that if my clients are willing, or prefer to do those tasks, then I should be willing to help them out financially… commensurate with how much time they saved me.
As a result, I now offer up to 50% of my commission earned on buyer side transactions, rebated back to the buyer, to help them get into their dream home.
It’s clearly the right thing to do.
That said, I do not require my buyer clients to participate, I only offer it as a good faith option for those interested. We’ll cover the terms and conditions of that offer when we meet for the first time.