Why I don’t use an office

Having spent nearly three decades in the corporate arena prior to becoming a real estate Broker, I can attest to the fact that office environments are anything but productive. Consider the following statistics:
*The average person working in an office is interrupted 7 times every hour…that’s 56 times a day if you’re there all day!
*Once interrupted on a project, it takes the average person 20-45 minutes to return to that project, if they return at all.
*Once focused on a project and interrupted, it can take up to 30 minutes to recapture that same level of focus before you were interrupted.

Now, those alone are enough to justify staying away from an office environment, but here’s a few more reasons why I do:
*Most of our business is conducted in the field anyway…meeting at properties for various reasons. If I’m not at properties, I’m researching properties, or engaged with affiliate partners (title, lenders, inspectors, etc.) off site. Either way, I found when I had an office that I was seldom there, so I saw no justification for the expense.
*Technology provides us a means to connect and communicate in a way that almost renders an office obsolete. If I’m not meeting clients at properties, they often prefer the relaxed environment of a local coffee shop versus a distracting or sterile office.
*Many of my clients have children, and it’s simply inconvenient for them to pack up the kids just to come to an office…my clients appreciate the effort made by me to come to them, so we can discuss our business in the comfort of their home. If I’m listing their home, I need to see it anyway.

I’m aware that not everyone will agree with my position, but the simple fact remains. I’ve worked without a physical office for over 6 years now, and my clients haven’t missed it…neither have I.