Are you paying too much for taxes and insurance?

In most areas by now, homeowners have received a new property tax bill, and they likely have increased since last year. It’s a good time to check that assessment and make sure you are being charged fairly against the value of your property. As a Broker, I’ve seen county valuations (those done by county appraisers) off by as much as 30%. That’s a lot of money if it’s not in your favor. Many people don’t even realize that you can challenge those inaccurate assessments…again, if they’re not in your favor. It’s a relatively easy process. It starts with having an accurate valuation done of your home, which I can help you with. While your at it, check those insurance rates. Many people have maintained long standing relationships with their insurance company/agent, and tend to just forget about it every year…only to find out once they do look at it and conduct a little due diligence, that they’re paying far too much. It’s not uncommon for me to see someone paying 500-700 dollars a year too much.