The real estate industry has undergone some material changes in the past decade. Access to better information on both the part of the agent community, and the seller-buyer pool, has changed a lot about the way property is bought and sold. Unfortunately, there’s been little change in the way agents are paid.
Allow me to clear up a few things…first and foremost, commissions and fees are 100% negotiable…period. It’s an expense, and likely the largest expense you’ll have when it comes to selling your home. For that reason alone, you should educate yourself and truly compare what each agent can offer you before you sign a contract.
Nearly everyone knows someone who has a real estate license, and too many people blindly trust that their “friend” or relative is going to give the best service, for the best value. Not always the case.
You can pay too little and not get what you want, or pay too much and not get what you want. The agent that offers to sell your home for a low fee may offer you more, or less than the average agent. Conversely, there’s no guarantee that the agent who charges you “the going rate,” (which is a weak argument at best for justifying a fee) will deliver any more than the agent charging you 1%.
The bottom line, know exactly what you’re getting for that fee, and then hold that agent accountable. There is no “one size fits all” in real estate, as every transaction is unique. The fees paid should be commensurate with the job done…no more, no less. I’ve charged as little as $1500, and as much as 8.4%, and always earned every penny of it.