One of the more frustrating things that many home sellers and I share in common is that the industry as a whole tends to adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to servicing home sellers and buyers. People are unique, their properties are unique, and their motivation for selling is also unique. Yet 99% of Brokers and agents alike will approach every potential client and property with the same cookie-cutter mentality. It drives me nuts…and I made a commitment 17 years ago to change that, at least with the clients we serve.

Unbeknownst to most homeowners, there are dozens of ways to sell a property. Real estate investors use them every single day. At the same time, there are savvy hands-on homeowners who want to participate in the process in return for a lower fee. There are others who don’t mind paying a little more but would rather have it done for them. Still others don’t want to be bothered with all the hassles of marketing a home. They just want to be cashed out…fairly, quickly, and efficiently.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those. In fact, you might find yourself somewhere in between. That’s why it’s critical that we determine in advance your motivation for moving, the financial outcome you seek, the marketability of the property, and the level of involvement you wish to have. Additionally, we need to determine where you’ll go once the home sells so that we can balance that part of the transaction and mitigate any stress related to the move. Once we determine those, then and only then can we prepare the option or options that will best provide you the outcomes you seek.

If you peel it back to its simplest form, home sellers want one thing…a buyer. Everything else is either a means to that end, or basic fluff. So why not make the process as simple as you can for the homeowners? Besides, people despise having to go through the process of interviewing agents and haggling over the fee structure. If there was a push button solution, it would likely be popular, but we are talking about the biggest financial transaction of your life.

What if you could turn the table? Answer five short questions to determine what level of service you want, what you’re willing to pay for that service, what price you want for your home, when you want to move…you know, the important things. What if that was put in front of a pool of highly qualified agents, and the first one to accept your terms called you to accept your proposal. Then, once you meet each other, if you both want to go forward, you simply sign the contract based on your terms and conditions that the agent has already agreed to…and you can start packing.

Just go to www.cahomefinder.com/sellmyhome, answer five short questions, and we’ll find you the perfect agent that’s willing to take the time to learn the mission, adapt the selling strategy to fit your needs, and deliver you a solution based on your terms. Isn’t that refreshing?