Client testimonials

 “There aren’t enough positive words of praise and gratitude to describe this man. Curt is THE BEST. Period. We were purchasing our first home in the Bay Area and wanted to work with someone we trusted, so I relied on someone from my home town. Our situation was particularly unique (recent world travelers, self-employed, etc.) and only got even more challenging as the home buying process continued—Curt didn’t hesitate to assemble the best team for us full of high quality recommendations and encouragement that if we truly wanted a house, we could make it happen. He is thoughtful, precise, and supportive in every way. An honest straight shooter. Incredibly knowledgeable and willing to always jump on a phone call with follow up emails, constantly making sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable. I’ve already recommended him to many people here in the Bay Area and can’t wait for them to have the same incredible experience we had—which resulted in our dream home!!!! If you want a home and value a personalized experience where you aren’t “just another client”, look no further! Curt wowed everyone here in the bay and I’m confident he’ll get you a home anywhere in California! “
                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Rachel, El Cerrito
“I would give Curt 6, 10, or a thousand stars if I could! Without Curt we wouldn’t have a place to call home. Period. He helped us throughout the entire process. In the early days when we barely understood what home ownership entailed, he educated us. When we were ready to make a play, he assembled a dream team for us. To say he went above and beyond to help us, would be a severe understatement. Curt, words are not enough to thank you for being our rock, our guide, our therapist, and our champion! If you are reading this and are lucky enough to get Curt on your team, you’d be in the best hands and will soon be calling your dream house “home”. –Andres, El Cerrito
“We have known Curt for almost 20 years. He has helped my husband and myself buy and sell 3 homes. We just purchased our forever home and we love it! I like to work with someone who is knowledgeable and who is direct. We appreciate that in Curt. He is an expert in his field. We recommend him highly. He has been indispensable to our family. Advising our son and daughter in law, daughter and son in law, my neice and my aunt and uncle. His results speak for themselves. THANKS, Curt! ” – Debbi, Ceres

Curt truly went to great lengths to provide my family and I explanations of everything, while making the process as easy as possible. Even after close, he is still helping in ways I would never expect a realtor to do. He is extremely knowledgable about houses, inspections, and throughout the purchasing of a home. I highly recommend Curt for first time buyers/sellers and will hopefully work with him again when it is time to move on to my second home.”- Justin, Modesto

Curt assisted me with selling my mother’s estate. It was a very difficult, confusing time for me. Curt was kind, considerate, professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Curt for any real estate transactions that you need. Should my husband and I decide to sell our house, he would be my go to guy! – Mary, Riverbank

Curt is extremely knowledgeable and paired with his vast expertise was able to help me navigate purchasing a multi-family investment property. He is held in high regard within the professional community and aided me through financing and establishing management for the property as well. I highly  recommend his services to anyone planning to purchase or sell a home. He is the best! – Taylor, Oakland

Curt was a pleasure to work with. Curt gets down to business; he’s straightforward, and he follows through. If you are interested in a realtor that provides facts and is honest I highly recommend Curt as a realtor specialist.  – John and Jocelyn, Riverbank

Curt has helped us along with a family member and friend with the sale/purchase of property. He always acted with a great amount of professionalism and was there to help with the process until the end. The best recommendation is that we have continued to use him, recommended him and will use him again in the near future. He has been our realtor but we also look at him as our friend. – Susan, Modesto

Curt came across immediately as a knowledgeable and courteous person. He listened and then gave professional insight. Curt kept us informed every step of the way, even stepping in to resolve issues with inspections. He even helped me fix a broken drawer in the kitchen that had bugged me for years. He went the extra mile by giving us references of those who could help us clean up and haul away trash and items for give away. We came away with way more than we expected from the sale of the house, which sold in just 5 days. I highly recommend Curt Green’s services to anyone wishing a smooth process. Thanks so very much, Curt, you have become a friend indeed.-Richard, Riverbank.

This was the second time we used Curt. We needed to sell our home, and we had a specific neighborhood that we wanted to move to. It was a strong Seller’s market, and once we found the right replacement home we needed to make an offer contingent upon the sale of our existing home. Curt advised us of an alternative strategy that worked wonderfully. He recognized that the home we wanted to buy was over-priced, so we made a non-contingent offer below list price and it was accepted. Later, after inspections and appraisal, Curt was able to get the home price reduced even further. He turned around and sold our existing home at a great price in 6 days, enabling us to close both properties on the same day. I don’t know how he does it, but he makes things happen. –J.T., Oakdale

From our first meeting to discuss what sort of home I was looking for to receiving my keys after close of escrow, Curt made the process, stress free. He is friendly and professional and really knows his business. He supported me through the entire process. Not once did I feel anxious or uninformed. I am a client for life. Thank you! –Shari, Modesto

We take great pleasure in recommending Curt Green. Curt has helped us through two transactions so far. Both of which were less than traditional, nor were they straight forward. Curt is always prepared, ready to offer his expert advice, and very patient. As we complete our last transaction, we are already working on our third with Curt. Purchasing real estate is no easy task, but Curt’s knowledge of the market and easy going demeanor makes a stressful situation more pleasant. We are looking forward to many more transactions in the future with our personal real estate expert and friend, Curt. We would highly recommend Curt Green to anyone as their Real Estate Agent. –Stacey and Carlos – Oakdale

I had an unusual problem, and a friend of mine recommended Curt. I felt my situation was hopeless, but Curt was very reassuring, listened to my story, and clearly laid out my options. I was behind in payments, and the co-owner of the house had moved out and could not be located. We also found out there were additional liens on the home that I didn’t know about. Long story made short, Curt found a buyer, cleared up the lien issues, found the co-owner and got him to agree to sell. Ultimately, he saved my equity, prevented foreclosure, and made me very happy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Curt. –Angela-Modesto

The property we listed with Curt Green has sold.  My husband and I could not be happier with the job Curt did, from the first day through the closing.  Curt has an excellent knowledge of how to get everything done that needs doing.  We are out of state, and he was determined to take care of matters for us.  He was always professional, enthusiastic, had a positive attitude and was trustworthy.  He has an excellent work ethic.  We had a lot of outside setbacks that were beyond our control, and he overcame every obstacle.  The tasks associated with the condo being ready to sell were astronomical.  Because of Curt and the job he did, the final condition of the condo was of high enough caliber that it received the approval of a doctor for his son to buy it.  My friend who recommended Curt to us did us the best favor by recommending him.  He made the process so much better that it would have been with anyone else.  In my opinion, Curt Green is the best real estate agent in the world.  He gets an A+ in every category. –Tricia T.-Shreveport, La.

I would absolutely recommend Curt Green as a Realtor to friends and family. Curt is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making sure you get the best deal possible in any negotiation.
I was having great difficulty in finding a new home: nobody was willing to negotiate a selling price, and I had to be out of my then-current residence by a certain date. Early on in my house hunt, I was unsure that I would be able to find a home in time, but I found Curt and the process started to gain traction. Curt was there to reassure me and help me through the arduous process, and sure enough, I was moved out of my old residence and into my new home by my deadline, and it was all thanks to Curt’s expertise.
No matter where you are in your buying or selling process, Curt has the knowledge and experience to give you some insight into how everything works. I highly recommend his services to anyone who need them.  –Sean G., Chico

I wanted to sell my house, and asked a friend about her recent house sale. She recommended Curt Green. She told me her house sold in less than a week using Curt as her agent. I called Curt and he met with me the next day. We discussed my house, and what I wanted to do with it. He knew what houses in my neighborhood were selling for, and suggested a price. He said he could probably sell my house quickly, given the current market conditions. The house drew three bids in less than a week, and I accepted the best offer, with Curt’s guidance. Curt kept in close contact with me, offered suggestions based on his experience, and did everything he said he would. Very professional. I would recommend Curt Green unequivocally. You will not be disappointed. –Mike D., Manteca

Curt has proven to me that he is a man of his word. He has the ability to make circumstances that may seem insurmountable come to a successful conclusion through his hard work and commitment to whomever he has reached out to assist or taken on for himself. Curt has a very remarkable ability to gain the confidence of those he works with and directs. He demands of himself an excellence far exceeding that of even the most “accomplished” individuals. On a personal level, Curt has taught me the meaning of how to lead with integrity and to do what is right at the cost of having to work harder than those who tend to take advantage of situations and people. Once you work with Curt you are drawn to his openness to help and commitment to those who he considers worthy and willing to help themselves. You will be hard pressed to find a man more committed to what is fair and right and to the people that he considers “family”.  –Jim A., Denair

I have had the pleasure of knowing Curt for several years. He is a hard-working, determined, get the job done right the first time kind of man! He is level-headed and genuinely listens to a person when engaging in conversation or just ever day chit chat! If you’re looking to purchase, sell or simply look at properties and want to walk away with a smile, he’s your man!  –Christina V., Merced

Curt has helped nearly every member of our family either buy or sell a home, or both. Over the years we’ve found him to be extremely knowledgeable, able to overcome obstacles easily, and a consistent communicator. Real estate can be complex, but not with this guy on your side. –Justin H., Paso Robles

We have had Curt assist on the purchase of 3 homes in our family and trust his expertise and connections to get all tasks accomplished. He endured looking at a lot of houses with me and we finally found the right one. He’s not only our real estate agent, we are proud to call him our friend! -Donna G., Turlock

I am happy to have the opportunity to speak here about the things that make Curt someone who I would not hesitate to recommend for the important task of representing people who are looking to buy or sell a home.
I worked with Curt for the better part of ten years and I have seen how he excels with integrity in many situations. Much of the time I worked with him, he was my boss. Who likes their boss, right? Although he ran a large enterprise with over 200 employees, he managed to be known as someone who was straightforward and trustworthy.
Not only was he good with people and at handling a diverse group of people evenhandedly, he was also good with details. Many times I marveled at his ability to take a complex situation and make it simple; Curt has a way of being able to break through all the noise and cut to the chase of a situation to expedite a favorable outcome. That is a huge positive to have on your side when you are navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.
Finally, along with all of the aforementioned talents, Curt has a real human touch about him. He is not at all like the phony used-car salesman kind of person who just bowls people over with their gregarious personality. Nonetheless, Curt is a man who consistently has shown me that in spite of the high-pressure situations we worked together in, he does not forget to be caring and responsive to the needs of others. I am sure that I am not the only person who has noticed that in their dealings with him.
Curt’s integrity, competency, experience, and his people skills are just right for the task of meeting a person’s real estate needs and I highly recommend him. -Eric B., Riverbank

We were friends with a family that needed to sell a ranch, which we wanted to buy. Unfortunately, we had to sell our home to qualify to buy the ranch, and the family selling it couldn’t wait for us. Curt was able to come up with an “out-of-the-box” idea, and soon met with the family and convinced them to sell it to us with short term owner-financing. He then sold our house for top dollar, and we were then able to complete the refinance of the ranch and move on. He later went on to help that family buy/sell three more homes.Fast-forward two years later, and my husband and I were ready to retire to Oregon, so we called Curt again. We told him what we wanted to do, and he guided us through our options, recommending the one which would be the least stressful. We had just refinanced the property only one month before we called Curt, and had it appraised for 365000. Curt felt he could get 405000 for the property, which he was able to do in less than 30 days. He also negotiated a NO COST 15 day rent back so we had ample time to close the Oregon property. As soon as we opened escrow, Curt helped us find an agent in Oregon, and also helped manage the replacement buy with the Oregon agent, and even helped us find qualified movers. Both properties closed within one week of each other…and the best part, having over-delivered on all of his commitments, he reduced our commission to 5% as a “thank you” for our business over the years. That’s a class act. Well, we’re retired now, but drop Curt’s name to everyone we still know in California.  -Carolyn H., Oakdale 

Curt has helped us, our family and friends in a variety of ways. He helped us negotiate a difficult deal that made a huge impact on our family. He is an expert in his field. He is knowledgeable in all areas of real estate and surrounds himself with other professionals who are equally so. He has listed and sold 3 homes for us, negotiated a short sale, helped us purchase 2 homes, assisted us with contract accuracy and other real estate issues. We have come to rely on his expertise multiple times over the last 8 years and we would highly recommend him to everyone! Thanks Curt!  -Bill and Debbi B., Ceres

Curt really takes the time to find what you are looking for. My house was only on the market for 3 hours but he found it as I was meeting him to look at another property and I bought the one he found me!!!!! All I can say is thanks Curt!!!  -Terence G., Newman

We were introduced to Curt several years ago when he helped us with a difficult real estate transaction. Curt won us over at that time with his expertise and personal integrity. From that point forward we not only considered Curt an experienced and knowledgeable professional, but a friend that we trusted. This was huge for us as we had dealt with so many in this business that we later discovered were only out for personal gain at our expense. Curt has since helped us with even more difficult and challenging real estate transactions where even our attorneys were not willing or able to do the research that Curt invested his time and efforts on. It has also been our experience that Curt is reliable and does what he says he is going to do. He has always been a man of action always keeping our best interest at the forefront. We have always appreciated Curt’s ability to look at the big picture and present various scenarios and options while helping us to understand the risks and benefits of each.
In our opinion, Curt is the best real estate professional out there with the perfect skill set to handle any real estate needs you may have.
Thank-you Curt for all you have done for us! -Bryan and Karen H., Oakdale

I’ve had the pleasure and luck of knowing Curt now for 15 years. Throughout this time he has always been there to help me in life whenever I needed it. I look up to him and value his advice both in my personal and professional life. Not only is he smart; caring, loving and a giant goofball, but he knows his stuff when it comes to selling houses and I was lucky enough to get his help on my house I purchased in Colorado. He wasn’t my realtor, but he took time out of his schedule to read my emails and answer my long phone calls and gave me solid advice when it came to purchasing the house. He is an inspiration and I have even gone so far as to have used his lessons and life story for multiple business classes while pursuing my degree. I love him like a father and appreciate from the bottom of my heart all the times he was there for me. I honestly don’t think I would he where I am today without him. –Tony B., Colorado Springs, Co.

I have just had the pleasure of buying my first house with the help of Curt. From day one Curt gave it to me straight, pulled no punches and made sure that I understood everything fully. I explained to him what I wanted, and he delivered, and after a while he understood my likes and dislikes with properties well before we visited them. At no point did he ever try to push any property on me, allowing me to make it my decision. And at the same time, he never would allow me to get into a house that was not financially sound for me to get into. When I finally made my decision on a house he pursued it with tenacity and verve, making sure I got the best deal possible. I highly recommend Curt, and I know I will be referring him to all my friends and family! Thanks Curt! –Tom F., Waterford

Curt Green is an amazing businessman. He is very knowledge in the real estate market; from contractors to help you fix things at your house, to recommending attorneys to help protect your house in case a love one passes, and everything in between. Curt has helped my family many times over the past 15 years. He is knowledgeable and has connections all through the market. He’s on top of every transaction making sure everything goes smoothly. Very dependable and flexible with working families.  -Tamara S., Modesto

I live in Southern California, and my parents passed away, leaving a home in the Bay Area that I needed to sell. A friend recommended Curt, so I called him. He held numerous open houses, and was able to get us a full price offer in less than 30 days. His knowledge and ability navigated the intricate details of the probate sale with ease, and sure relived us of a lot of stress. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like without having him in our corner. –Kathy G., Corona

Curt handles each client and transaction with care, great communication, and integrity while working through the transaction keeping in mind the client’s best interests. His knowledge ranges from knowing the current market and property values to understanding every physical aspect of the property. He has vast construction knowledge, and is able to determine defects at a glance, and advise clients on what improvements will cost as well as their potential return on investment. He also knows the importance of working as a team with lending, escrow and the other agents in each transaction to ultimately meet the goal of closing. Curt truly works to make each client’s dream come true and has done so for us many times over the past 10 years!  -Erin M., Modesto

We needed to sell our small church, and I had gotten Curt’s name from a family friend. It was an older building, and needed a lot of work, so Curt was able to find someone to help us get the place in marketable condition. After several months, we had no luck in selling, so we approached Curt and told him we wanted to reduce the price. He told us that if we were willing to carry paper short term, he may still be able to get us a full price offer, so we agreed to try it for 30 days. Long story made short, we received a bit over our asking price, and Curt structured a deal that allowed us to get paid in one year. He also reduced his commission to 5% because he found the buyer. He didn’t have to do that. He’d already gone above and beyond. Anyway, one year later the buyer refinanced and cashed us out, and everyone got what they wanted…without us having to concede on the price. Curt’s not just a Realtor, he’s a magician. –Wanda C., Modesto