FREE home valuation

Don’t be fooled by people or agencies who offer free, instant home valuations. We’re talking about “your” home, one that is unique to any other. There is no computer algorithm that can accurately predict what the value of your home is. That algorithm cannot walk your home, hasn’t heard the home’s story from you (yes, it matters), and cannot possibly take into account all your home has to offer. Online value estimates, like Zillow’s “zestimate,” are exactly that. A guideline at best. I’ve seen online estimates off by as much as 30%. They’re even responsible enough to publish that on their site.

I’ve completed over 3000 professional home valuations for banks, lending institutions, government agencies, law firms, and private parties. I’ve been sworn in as an “expert witness” in property valuation  in California Superior Court. No two properties are identical…even in tract homes. The adjustments are necessary to render an accurate estimate. Ultimately, the buyer pool will determine what your home is worth, but pricing a home properly is the single most important thing you can do, if you’re serious about selling.

So feel free to use the online estimates offered, as a guideline only…but when you’re serious about selling, call me for a FREE comprehensive inspection, interview, and valuation.

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