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“Train people well enough so that they can leave…treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

-Sir Richard Branson


A philosophy that we embrace here at NextHome Progressive, and one that I have applied to my management style for nearly 4 decades now.

If you are serious about growing your real estate business, with our support, we should talk.

We have immediate openings, and offer a package that is going to be hard to turn down. Our on-boarding process makes the change very seamless. Of course, you’ll need to meet with us to get the entire presentation, but here’s a sneak peek:

*Access to the NextHome cutting edge platform.

*Your own personal lead generating blog website with IDX.

*Training…not what everyone else over-promised and under-delivered to you, REAL training that you can use to build your business. On demand video, as well as one-on-one coaching with your Broker, personalized to help you reach your goals.

*Lead generation training. We believe that teaching you to generate your own leads is more beneficial to you in the long run than creating a dependency on Broker-generated leads…but while you’re ramping up, we have leads to keep you busy.

*Seamless on-boarding, and 2 orientations; one with NextHome and one with your Broker.

*We pay your franchise fees and E and O.

*90-95% NET commission—all fees paid. Simple, easy to understand, unbeatable.

*A fun but productive culture that believes in giving back…we support numerous local charities.


Of course, there is much more to discuss, including what you want to accomplish in this business. Call us if you’d like to take the first step.

We don’t accept everyone into our program, rather, we focus on quality rather than quantity. To learn more, contact me for a confidential interview, or click here to see more.